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2021 Statistics About Water Damage Restoration

Published by 911 Restoration Toledo on March 30, 2022 in category: Water Damage Restoration

Water damage restoration statistics of 2021

Every year, around 14000 residents of the United States experience water damage emergencies at their property or workplace. And approximately 98% of the basements of the nation are bound to experience some water damage in their lifetime. 

These stats stress the widespread occurrence of water damages people of the United States face. While people usually cater to the significant water damage restoration immediately, most homeowners tend to ignore or delay the minor ones. As a result, these smaller damages pile up to become costly repairs and replacements. Add in the insurance hassles, unsuccessful claims, loss of your valuables, and a pause in your routine life. And all the mess accelerates to become a nightmare to solve. 

As we discuss water damage restoration, you must understand everything that falls within the category. Water damage isn’t only caused due to monsoon, rainfall, and tsunamis. It can result from anything that leads to water intruding inside your property- be it residential or commercial- that destroys the foundations or material. 

Therefore, water damage restoration can include leak repairs, curing basement flooding, fungal, bacterial, and mold removal, changing the rotting wood, repainting the walls, drainage replacement, and even installing new flooring. 

Below we’ll offer 2021 statistics about water damage restoration to help you learn more about its causes, remediation, and how costly it can get for your wallets. Let’s begin! 

In the United States, the total annual water damage costs almost $20 billion

In total, US residents spend around $20 billion each year to finance their water damage restoration costs. Typical damages include plumbing fixtures, damaged appliances, heavy storm damage, and basement flooding due to contaminated water. 

One leaky faucet can result in water wastage of more than 3000 gallons every year

Property owners often don’t realize how much water wastage can result from a single leaky faucet. On average, it can cause water loss of around 3000 gallons per year, and when the water keeps dripping, it can further damage the accessories, including sinks and vanities. Therefore, residents have to spend additional money replacing or repairing these materials.  

Leaks or flaws in plumbing systems are the most common reasons for water damage and loss. 

Locals of the United States might often list storm and flood damage as the primary reasons for water damage. However, research on water damage restoration concludes that most of the remediation is required due to routine actions. What’s even alarming is that property owners and inhabitants don’t realize what they’re doing wrong until it’s too late. 

Insurance companies report that some common types of water damage restoration result from faults and leaks in roofs, sprinklers, toilets, HVAC systems, and water heaters. The plumbing systems continue deteriorating, and in total, plumbing failures can cost almost $6000 per incident after insurance deductible. 

Water damage is the second most usual kind of insurance claim. 

Insurance claims for water damage restoration are the second most common occurrences after hail and wind damage settlements. And on average, home insurance claims for water damage restoration can amount to around $11,098 per household

One of the reasons for the high spending on restoration is usually the homeowners’ negligence of “seemingly” smaller repairs or delaying professional remediation to treat the causes effectively.  

On average, water leaks from homes in the United States can result in 1 trillion gallons per year

One trillion gallons is a HUGE amount- enough to fill around 24 billion baths and 40 million swimming pools. One trillion gallons is also equal to the yearly water use of Miami, LA, and Chicago altogether. 

Be it leaky faucets, roofs, or water heaters. Even an occasionally dripping drain or valve can result in significant water waste and higher water bills than your consumption. The next time you’re scratching your head, wondering how you managed to use so much water, don’t forget to inspect your plumbing and pipelines for possible leaks! 

Mold development can occur even after the water-damaged areas dry out. 

Sometimes, water damage might not be too extensive and cause the area to dry out before you even inspect or identify the issue. But even then, you must never ignore the restoration because mold can still start developing 24 to 48 hours after water damage. It can be hazardous for your health and lead to allergies, runny noses, rashes, and red eyes. 

Mold can also be quite dangerous for patients with cancer. Therefore, you must preferably hire water damage restoration experts to survey your water-damaged areas and immediately inspect for and treat mold removal. 

911 Restoration of Toledo- Professional Water Damage Restoration Near Me  

The numbers mentioned above prove that water damage is a critical situation, and its remediation can become quite a hassle if not done right- or right away. If you want your property to avoid such repairs or treat water damage like a pro, you can contact 911 Restoration of Toledo

Our facility is open 24/7, around the clock, and we serve Woodville, Bowling Green, Monclova, Perrysburg, and surrounding areas. Our IICRC certified experts maintain a response time of 45 minutes and cater to emergency disaster restoration, leak detection and repairs, water extraction, home restoration, and professional consultation. 

You can click on our website for the latest updates or call (567) 318-1777 to schedule your appointment and reduce the risks of encountering costly water damages in the future. Our techs are one call away! 

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