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Water Damage in Toledo

Weather Alert: If you are experiencing weather-related damage from the storm, call us today for emergency assistance! 

Water Damage Restoration in Toledo

Water damage to your property in Toledo can be devastating. Fortunately, you can get speedy and trusted service from 911 Restoration.911 Restoration Water Damage Toledo

Our water damage restoration Toledo technicians are licensed, bonded, and insured to help you with any mold remediation or water extraction needs.

Whether it’s a frozen pipe burst, a flooded basement, toilet overflow, or other situation, we can handle it. We aim to help you get back to a sense of normalcy. We can repair water damage and inspect for mold.

Weather conditions such as torrential rain or winter storms can pose many risks to properties. Don’t postpone a water damage restoration project. You can contact us to help you with your flooded basement or any other type of water damage emergency in Toledo and all surrounding areas.

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As a nationwide disaster restoration franchise with chapters across the U.S., 911 Restoration of Toledo takes pride in helping customers feel at ease after navigating an unexpected water damage emergency.

Our Toledo water damage restoration technicians are prepared to extract water from your property within 45 minutes of an emergency call. We are on-call 24/7 anytime disaster strikes.

You deserve a “Fresh Start.” Don’t hesitate to reach out when you have a flooded basement, ceiling leak, burst pipe, mold infestation, or other water damage restoration emergency in Toledo.

Our technicians are IICRC certified to tackle any type of small or large-scale water damage project with same-day services in Toledo and all surrounding areas like Erie and Bowling Green.

At 911 Restoration of Toledo, we offer a Fresh Start with our comprehensive selection of property damage restoration services, including but not limited to:

Whether you’re a Toledo homeowner or business owner, 911 Restoration of Toledo is your Fresh Start! We’ll communicate with you throughout the entire process, help answer questions related to insurance, and restore your property to its pre-damaged condition. One of our IICRC-certified teams is dispatched within 45 minutes of your call! Contact us today, and one of our friendly representatives will assist you in finding the nearest Toledo location.

Valencia Perry

"I called 911 Restoration after a bad rain/wind storm. AJ worked with me and my insurance company to give me the peace of mind I needed to know that my home was going to be repaired and restored like new."

Sanitization Services & Disinfection Solutions

Our Toledo water damage flood cleanup crews work around the clock to ensure that your property is free from moisture and odor. We also use special911 Restoration Sanitization Disinfection Solutions Toledo

decontamination techniques to ensure that your space is thoroughly sanitized and disinfected. We use everything from professional blowers to safe sanitation tools and mold remediation and mold decontamination techniques.

911 Restoration is ready to provide sanitization services as well as disinfection solutions for both residential and commercial properties in Toledo. All of our technicians maintain full compliance with all current CDC and EPA protocols.

We’ll help you get through this water damage disaster together and assist with mold decontamination in Toledo. You can depend on a reliable and trusted team of water damage restoration experts to save your property from damage.

Mold Removal

If you prolong a mold removal project at your Toledo property, you could be looking at a costly situation. Fortunately, our mold decontamination technicians can help address the cause of the mold and prevent it from causing further damage.

According to the CDC, mold often grows where there is moisture. It can cause extensive property damage if it’s not taken care of by a team of professional certified Toledo mold remediation technicians.

Mold can pose safety and health risks such as allergies, respiratory illness, and other issues. The perfect spaces for mold to thrive in include tiles, corners where there is moisture, cardboard, wood, and carpet.

Thankfully, 911 Restoration of Toledo offers fast and reliable mold remediation services in Toledo to treat mold. We properly inspect and address a mold issue using professional grade tools to sanitize and eradicate mold from your property immediately.

Our mold cleanup experts at 911 Restoration of Toledo can safely and effectively remove fungal growth and prevent further structural damage for commercial and residential restoration in Toledo. We’ll provide quality mold inspection in Toledo and surrounding areas, and also remove mold the same-day.

Don’t let a mold infestation eat away at your property. We’ll assist with mold remediation and save your property from an infestation. Contact 911 mold Restoration for quality flood cleanup, mold inspection and mold removal in Toledo.

Sewage Backup and Cleanup

911 Restoration Sewage Backup Cleanup ToledoAs a nationwide disaster restoration company, we understand how stressful it can be dealing with sewage backup issues. We’d recommend reaching out to 911 Restoration, as we have experience in sewage backup cleanup Toledo.

We can handle that toilet overflow or flooded basement situation immediately. We’d recommend not dealing with sewage cleanup on your own because sewage contains numerous bacteria that can cause illnesses.

Our sewage cleanup technicians can safely and effectively remove black water sewage from your property through the use of personal protective gear and other tools.

As a water damage restoration company with experience in sewage cleanup, you can rely on us to properly disinfect your property and remove mold and black water sewage.

After dealing with a sewage spill or mold growth, you can rest assured that you can contact 911 Restoration of Toledo at any time.

Fire and Smoke Damage Restoration

We are also equipped and certified to handle fire and smoke damage restoration in Toledo and all surrounding areas.

We can handle soot and help repair or save items charred or destroyed by a fire. Our fire cleanup crews quickly respond to an emergency call after a fire and perform fire damage inspection and fire restoration Toledo.

Our main priority is to bring your property back to its pristine condition again. After dealing with a fire or other issue, your property will require quality fire damage restoration and smoke removal for sanitation.

We can also assist if you are dealing with a puffback damage issue after a fire. 911 Restoration of Toledo can provide professional fire damage restoration services and help prevent further damage and costs. We can handle fire damage, flood cleanup, and address any mold issues as well.

Disaster Restoration

From tornados to harsh winter storms that cause burst pipes or a flooded basement in Toledo, a disaster does not wait to happen. An emergency disaster requires fast and efficient help from a professional company that specializes in disaster restoration techniques.

Whether you’re dealing with a pipe burst or other issue caused by a fire, flood, or tornado, your friends at 911 Restoration of Toledo are here to help.

We want you to know that you are not alone. We’ll help restore your property and take immediate and effective steps to combat a flood or other disaster. We’ll quickly board up your property, complete emergency repairs, and even pack and store your possessions from further damage.

In addition to water damage restoration, we can also assist with mold inspection, mold removal and fire damage assessments for commercial or residential restoration. There is no project that we can’t tackle. Call Toledo water emergency today.

Commercial Restoration

If you are a business owner that has been hit by property damage, we understand the frustration. You deserve a “Fresh Start” and the chance to see your property transformed into a safe haven once again.

911 Restoration of Toledo can help assess and repair property damage after a flood, pipe burst, fire, or mold outbreak. Our commercial restoration technicians can handle any type of disaster restoration project quickly.

We want you to return to your property knowing that you received affordable and top quality disaster restoration services. You can count on us to take care of a flooded basement, ceiling leak, water damage restoration, or any other issue using special equipment.

We’ll handle any commercial restoration project so that you can go back to focusing on your business. Let us handle fire damage, a pipe burst, a flood, or a mold outbreak. We’ll help you return to normalcy again. Call 911 Restoration Franchise today. We’re available 24/7.

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